• born 78 as sk
  • 98-2006 studies in audio communication & computer science at technische universität berlin
  • 2000-2004 software developer at [native instruments]
  • since 2006 freelance music software developer
  • since 2007 researcher at the [music technology group]
  • 95-97 solo saxophonist in the [christian dirsch big band]
  • various [projects] as a [K-Hornz] founding member since 96
  • since 2006 various sound installation projects with [dissoNoiSex]
  • main interests in contemporary music and various interaction strategies


the K-Labz can be understood as a work in progress, aiming at the following fields of activity

  • sound design/editing/composing
  • sound installations
  • live performances involving computers & electronics
  • development of computer sound/composition tools


sk uses yanagisawa saxophones, yanagisawa mouthpieces & schiesser underwear.