"No one knows how a dolphin makes both whistles and echolocation clicks simoultaneously."

"Buddy Bolden began to get famous right after 1900 came in. He was the first to play the hard jazz and blues for dancing. Had a good band. Strictly ear band. Later on Armstrong, Bunk Johnson, Freddie Keppard - they all knew he began the good jazz. [...] When he'd take the people with him all the way down Canal Street. Always looked good. When he bought a cornet he'd shine it up and make it glisten like a woman's leg."

bolden - piece for trumpet, electronics & ensemble (work in progress)

based on the novel [coming through slaughter] by michael ondaatje.


jit · ter v [I] (infml) feel nervous; behave nervously. the jit · ters n [pl] (infml) feelings of extreme nervousness; the jim-jams.[...]

bug n [C] 1 small flat foul-smelling insect infesting dirty houses and beds. [...] 5 [C] (infml) defect in a machine, esp a computer. 6 [C] (infml) small hidden microphone placed (eg by intelligence services) so that conversation can be heard at a distance.

'jitterbug n performer of a lively popular dance of the 1940s to swing music. — v [I] perform such a dance.

the stunning formation [jitterbug] already had found their style when the K-Hornz joined them in 1997. but as every so often, the outcome certainly topped the sum of its ingredients; after some master editing of previously recorded material and additional recording sessions these great disco bossa and funk tunes will be opened to the public as soon as possible.


funk is what you don't play.
nils heissing´s disco project [moodstuck] was occasionally flavored w/ the K-Hornz' unique sound and the promising and forward-looking collaboration is about to be extended in various directions.

[the bomb]

bomb n 1 [C] container filled with explosive or incendiary material, made to explode when dropped or thrown, or by a timing device. [...] 3 the bomb [sing] atomic or hydrogen bomb. [...] 5 (idm) go like a 'bomb (infml) (a) (of a vehicle) go very fast. (b) be very successful.

bomb v [...] 2 [I, Ip] ~ (out) (infml esp US) fail.

while the bomb was regionally famous and notorious since the late 1980's - though not always having played p-funk - the whole thing exploded in a way when the K-Hornz hit the experienced group in late summer 1997.
some marvellous gigs and a recording session followed but due to the K-Hornz' move to berlin, no activities took place in the last few months.