K, k n (pl K's, k's) the eleventh letter of the English alphabet.

K abbr [...] 2 (infml) one thousand.

horn n [...] 2 [C] any of the various wind instruments with a trumpet-shaped end.

horn v (phr v) horn in (on sth) (sl) join in (an attractive or a profitable undertaking, etc.) without being invited; intrude.


the idea of the K-Hornz was probably born some two years ago; founding - and still the only - members are flow k (trumpets) and steve k (saxophones).

initially we - the K-Hornz - meant to be a slightly sophisticated two-hipsters horn-section, providing p-funk junkies with an ultimate set of brass riffs. but as we developed a unique sound over the time, we accordingly moved towards other styles of (popular) music.

since our musical backgrounds range from (contemporary) classical music to jazz, from 70's funk to modern hip hop and related idioms, our future plans are to experiment with computer live performances, interactive sound installations and things of the like as well as to cooperate with band projects in a jazz/funk/[...] environment.


the means to achieve the aims mentioned above are
  • exploiting the full scale of possible instrumental expressions - as far as not limited by talent
  • being fluent in the use of modern sound/music synthesis and production tools such as csound, clm, max and maybe even tools of our own design


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